GPS Crossword

Are you tired of adventure trails and games? Your colleagues no longer want to climb up trees and pull on ropes with their eyes tied closed? You are looking for something that is interesting regardless of the time of year? GPS crossword!

The goal of GPS crossword is for a team to quickly and exactly complete a very special crossword puzzle with the help of GPS equipment and the cleverness of the team members.

How does one play?
Our instructor divides the participants into teams. We try to keep the teams small (3-6 people) so that everyone can actively participate. The goal of the activity is to quickly and exactly complete the crossword puzzle. The clues in the crossword include general questions about geography and Estonia, as well as about 20 clues related to GPS coordinates. The answers to the clues related to the coordinates are very hard to figure out without seeing the exact place (unless you are very clever).

Each team gets a hand-held GPS device. The necessary locations have already been programmed into the device. In addition, each team will receive instructions on using the GPS device, a pencil, and of course, an empty crossword puzzle with clues. Before setting out, we provide a short description of the principles of satellite navigation.  
The team decides for itself how to solve the clues. The principle is simple: If your head can`t help, then your legs can! Any means are allowed for obtaining information. Success has been achieved with very different strategies. Winners have been runners as well as thinkers. Functions can be divided in the team: those who have the strength run and those who can think.

The team who solves the greatest part of the crossword during the allotted time or who solves the entire puzzle the fastest is the winner. Whom is GPS crossword for and where is it held? 
Solving a GeoCrossWord is suitable entertainment for company groups attending seminars. The game can be played by groups of 10 to 200 people. GPS crossword can essentially be conducted near any lodging establishment in Estonia or abroad. Also in cities! The event can also be organized in the dark – we provide headlights for the participants.

Duration of the event
When planning your schedule, take into consideration that the entire duration of the GeoCrossWord program is about two hours. Of this, 30 minutes is for starting and finishing and 90 minutes is for active crossword puzzle solving.


  • The price for 10 people is 284 €
  • Each additional person costs 14 €
  • Group prices are valid for groups of more than 35
    • 36-50 persons 638 €
    • 51-70 persons 766 €
    • 71-100 persons 894 €
    • 101–150 persons 1021 €
    • 151-200 persons 1149 €

To order

For additional information or to order an event,
contact Alar at
Telephone: +372 56 632 979

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