Permanent Exposition
Here you can feel the role of song festivals in our culture and history, feel the spirit of the singing revolution era and discover the exciting story of the Song Festival Grounds.
The landmark exhibition opens a revolutionary chapter in Estonia's recent history. It speaks of the small and non-violent journey of the small Estonian people to regain their independence.
 Inspired by the events that took place on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds at the beginning of the summer of 1988, this journey was called the Singing Revolution.  However, the spiritual roots of the resurrection lie in the song festival culture that is more than 150 years old. Regardless of the national or world order, singing has kept our people united for centuries. In this exposition, the era of the re-independence of the Republic of Estonia, the song and the story of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds are intertwined.

The development project of the Visitor Centre of the Song Festival Grounds was completed between 2020–2021
Chief Curator: Helen Lausma-Saar
Curators: Marge Allandi, Riho Paramonov, Risto Lehiste
Project management:  Ott Roots, Krislin Kämärä
Development of the exposition project: 
KOKO architects and MOTOR, Ott Sarapuu, Liis Lindvere, Teele Strauss, Vallo Toomla, 
Lilian Männikust, Veiko Salumäe
Interior design: Lilian Männikust
Graphic design: Gertu Kallas
Main sponsor: The city of Tallinn
Sponsor: Government Office