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Tallinn Song Festival Grounds has a significant place in the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Estonia. This is where unprecedented night song festivals began - the Singing Revolution.
In order to commemorate the entire era and the events, a visitor center was established in the building of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds for the 30th anniversary of the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Estonia by August 2021. The idea and goal of the visitor centre is to provide a unique educational opportunity to spend time in a place known as a landmark of Estonian culture and the cradle of the singing revolution.
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is a special place. It is a symbol of a small nation whose unmistakably recognisable Singing Arch rises majestically, yet modestly enough. Against the background of the sea which is characterised by freedom, from the wind, sailing on and on. A special place where many phenomena about unity and the strength of the spirit have originated. 
This is where the modern culture of song festivals began: general song festivals have taken place in the area for over ninety years. Traditions of song festivals are established here: procession, party speeches, song festival light, folk costumes. Under the modern Song Arch, youth song festivals have started every five years since 1962. 
Song festivals have been with our people long enough to be a natural part of our identity. It doesn't matter if you attend the festival as a singer or a spectator or watch it via Internet, this feeling is clearly perceptible. Singing together always unites. It joins so strongly together that it has changed the course of history. This is where the singing revolution began. The night song festivals held in 1987 and 1988 gave the name to the whole non-violent period of the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Estonia. 
The concerts held at the Song Festival Grounds in the early years of the restored independence of the Republic of Estonia paved the way for major events featuring world-renowned international stars. This is where the first concert of the foreign solo artist Bryan Adams in the Baltics took place in 1996. It was a real explosion in the world of thought - everything suddenly seemed possible - and the professional concert industry was born. Thanks to the courage and diligence of our entrepreneurs, the strongest stars of this world have performed on the song field.
The Song Festival Grounds has been a place for various exhibitions, fairs and other exhibitions from the time of the Republic of Estonia to the present day. Every year, spring begins here, when the emerging nature is explored in the city park, summer, when there is fine music and buzz, autumn, when the yellow lime alley is beautiful for a walk, winter, when the land is covered with snow and the hill area is filled with happy bobsledders.