Tallinn Song Festival Grounds received the international eco-label Green Key.

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds team receiving the Green Key label. Photographer: Aron Urb.

The prestigious international eco-label Green Key, signifying environmentally friendly tourism establishments, has been awarded to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.
"We are naturally very pleased that the Song Festival Grounds now proudly carries the Green Key eco-label," said Urmo Saareoja, the director of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. "This is a great recognition, especially for the work of the Song Festival Grounds team and our partners who contributed to making this happen."
Saareoja acknowledged that organizing events inevitably leaves an impact on the environment, but efforts must be made to minimize this impact. "The successful organization of a major event is inherently a complex undertaking, and incorporating environmental sustainability adds another variable to this equation. However, our partners understand their societal responsibility, and increasingly, measures are being taken to make events environmentally friendly. An example is the adoption of reusable dishes for serving food and drinks," explained Saareoja. "This is not just about offering the audience the option to sort waste but involves thorough planning to minimize resource consumption throughout the entire event organization process, avoiding unnecessary waste, whether physical or digital."
"Tallinn Song Festival Grounds not only advises organizers when needed but also invests in infrastructure, upgrading the automation of buildings and facilities to enhance their energy efficiency. One small but significant act took place last summer before the youth song festival when, in collaboration with the City of Tallinn and AS Tallinna Vesi, four stationary water fountains were installed on the Song Festival Grounds. Hopefully, this will result in a considerable reduction in the need to buy and produce water bottles," added the director of the Song Festival Grounds.
Saareoja emphasized that Tallinn Song Festival Grounds remains dedicated to its journey towards environmental sustainability. "Receiving the Green Key label indicates that we are on the right path, but this is just the beginning; the work must continue."
Green Key is an international eco-label for tourism establishments, established in 1994. It is a leading standard recognizing the environmentally friendly and sustainable practices of tourism businesses. Currently, approximately 4,500 establishments from 63 countries worldwide have joined the program. For visitors, the Green Key label provides assurance that the establishment is committed to reducing its environmental impact.
Read more about oro environmental policy: https://lauluvaljak.ee/en/content/environmental-policy

Urmo Saareoja, director of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds