Environmental policy

The sustainability principles and goals of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds are clearly aimed at environmental friendliness and sustainable consumption. Below we outline our principles and goals.
Environmental Awareness:

  • We promote environmental awareness among all stakeholders, including employees, organizers, visitors and the community.
  • We want to raise awareness of environmental sustainability and people's awareness of the impact of the choices they make on the environment.
  • We promote environmentally friendly values and activities to make the singing field more environmentally friendly.

Energy saving:

  • We strive to reduce our energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.
  • Energy saving includes the gradual introduction of energy-efficient devices and the monitoring of water and energy consumption.
  • We create opportunities for visitors, organizers and employees to actively participate in activities promoting environmental and energy conservation.

Sustainable consumption:

  • We promote sustainable consumption, which includes reducing consumption and minimizing waste.
  • We support recycling and prefer nature-friendly and sustainable products and materials.
  • We implement measures to reduce our ecological footprint, including improving the availability of waste sorting containers, installing drinking water filling stations and promoting alternative transport options.

These principles and goals show Tallinn Song Festival Grounds commitment to environmental and sustainability principles and the desire to involve the community and interest groups in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly activities.
An eco-friendly reminder of the event organizer
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds takes responsibility for its ecological footprint and consumption with dignity, and has implemented an environmental management policy in its company for its structural implementation. We have brought some environmentally friendly suggestions to keep in mind when organizing an event.
Catering: Please avoid the use of single-use dishes, especially single-use plastic products, when catering to artists, visitors and the organizing team. Please reduce the amount of leftover food.
Garbage sorting: Please help sort the garbage by placing the generated waste in the correct bin. You can find bins for glass, tare, paper/cardboard, packaging, bio-waste and household waste in the selection.
Gifts and prizes: We ask you to critically evaluate the contents of the gift bags created for trade fairs and conference customers, as well as the selection and amount of free products offered by cooperation partners. We recommend choosing environmentally friendly gifts, such as items made from recycled materials or experience gifts. Support local artisans, etc.
Decorations and prints: We ask you to use environmentally friendly solutions as special effects and decorations at the events. For example, if an artist wants to throw confetti into the audience, we ask that they carefully consider the need for their use and what materials are used to make them environmentally friendly. The same applies to printed matter and other information materials, where we recommend prudent recycling.
Transport options: We ask that the arrivals have a variety of means of transport in mind, which would be an alternative to a car. Tallinna Lauluväljäki is easily accessible by public transport, bicycles and electric rental scooters. Remind the arrivals that we are only a short walk and/or bike ride away from the city center. Each guest's choice of an environmentally conscious means of transport can contribute to our environmental sustainability with a few conscious steps.
Thank you very much for listening to our environmentally friendly idea and we wish you a successful event! 
Green Key
Green Key is a leading environmental quality label, the application of which is currently open to tourism institutions, attractions and conference centers in Estonia. Through international recognition, we want to present and communicate our environmentally friendly principles to international customers as well. Read more about Green Key HERE.

Tallinna Lauluväljak Green Key