The Greatest Asian Lantern Festival

This winter the Greatest Asian Lantern Festival with old Chinese traditions will be held in Estonia for the first time. From December 6th right up to January 12th, the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds will host a huge light sculpture park, 
theatrical shows and a Christmas fair. 

Chinese masters will set up more than 20 themed light installations. The festival will feature a 40- metre-long dragon, panda and flamingo gardens, a deer forest, and many other fairy-tale creatures. Chinese actors will perform in theatrical shows at the lantern festival, which will be open on weekends and Christmas throughout the holiday season. There will also be a number of artisans coming to Tallinn from China who will invite you to take a closer look at their exotic crafts and the process of creating them. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy a Christmas fair, flavours of Oriental cuisine, a chance to meet Santa Claus, and other entertainment. 
Children under 6 (incl.) are admitted free of charge. 

FRIDAYS – from 4 PM for school groups. 5 PM – 10 PM for regular visitors 

SUNDAYS – 4 PM – 9 PM CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – 25 – 29 Dec 4 PM – 10 PM