The concert will take place on 20 August 16.00 – 21.00 (approx.) at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, at Narva maantee 95, 10127, Tallinn.

  • Gates open 16.00
  • The first part of the concert starts 19.00
  •  Intermission at 20.00
  • The second part of the concert starts at 20.20


  • We advise you to arrive early to avoid waiting in the entrance line. Queues are estimated to be longest at of 18.00 to 19.00. Consider that the Song Festival Grounds is a large area and it will take time to find a seat. 
  •  Consider that late arrivals are allowed to their seats only in between songs to avoid disturbing other visitors.
  • Identify your ticket type before you arrive at the concert – seats are divided by sectors as presented on the Piletilevi website, the organiser website www.monstermusic.eeand the official Facebook event page.
  • To make sure that you get an optimal experience, we advise you to enjoy the concert in the designated area. It is prohibited to stand in aisles, on the sides of the seating area, and in front of the stage during the concert.


  • Open entrances are the Mere, Oru, and Mäe gates.

For smooth entry:

  • be prepared to present your printed ticket or a barcode of the ticket from your mobile phone (we advise you to download the ticket to your phone in advance as the cell service may be unreliable);
  • all ticket-related issues are solved by a Piletilevi representator on location;
  • all concert visitors, including children, must have a valid ticket (the age limit of the event is 6 years);
  • take all the necessary items with you but consider that the inspection of large bags slows down the security check significantly;
  • do not carry with you any prohibited items (see “Prohibited items”);
  • be reasonable and consider that large crowds often cause long lines and waiting times: our team will do everything in their power to make it a seamless and pleasant concert experience. Be polite to other visitors and the staff;
  • when you purchase something, make sure that you have the exact change;
  • a Piletilevi gift card is not a ticket. Change the gift card for a ticket in a Piletilevi salespoint before attending the event. Additional information;
  • aggressive and intoxicated people are prohibited from attending the event or eliminated from the area without permission to return.

Make sure that you carry a sufficient amount of cash for quick and simple purchases. Most transactions are carried out in cash.
There are no ATM machines on the Song Festival grounds!

  • See the traffic map on the Piletilevi website or the organiser website at
  • If possible, we advise you to arrive to the concert by public transport or by foot.
  • Paid parking with a limited capacity can be found by the Mere gate, the Mäe gate, and the Narva maantee / Smuuli tee parking lot.
  • Visitors using a wheelchair can park in the parking lot in front of the Mere gate that has a designated area for the vehicles of visitors with reduced mobility. The number of parking spaces is limited.


  • All seats, including the VIP area seats, are sold out. Standing tickets are sold on location. The sales points are at the Oru, Mere and Mäe gates.
  • The ticket is valid for a one-time entrance and loses validity when you leave the Festival Grounds.
  • There are no numbered seats in the VIP area. Seats are chosen upon arrival.
  • The age limit of the concert is 6 years.


  • Hats that may disturb the view for other visitors.
  • Umbrellas. You can purchase a raincoat on location.
  • Personal seats, benches, hiking chairs, etc.
  • Food and beverages.
  • Other prohibited items (knives, firearms, narcotic drugs, etc.).
  • Pets.
  • Professional photography and video equipment.
  • Scooters, bicycles, skateboards, motorised vehicles, etc.
  • Baby carriages.
  • We advise you to bring as few items as possible. Paid luggage storage is only available at the Oru gate.

The organiser Monster Music wishes you a pleasant concert experience! For any questions that may arise, turn to the security guards or contact us at