The area will be closed the night before Maijooks

The access to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds will be temporarily closed from Friday, May 17 at 21:00 until Saturday, May 18 at 10:00, to carry out preparations for Maijooks, the largest women's sports event in Estonia.
Starting from 10:00 on May 18, we welcome all participants and supporters of Maijooks to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The event will host approximately 15 000 runners who will receive a cherry blossom medal, a gift bag, and special offers from partners at the finish line. There will also be the Limpa Kids' Run for children, and a men's lounge will be open.
In addition to running, the event offers diverse entertainment for both participants and supporters. There will be various interesting activities for both young and old at the venue. The highlight of the day will be the performance by SMILERS at the LHV Maijooks Spring Concert.
Check out the activities and schedule of Maijooks at and get ready to enjoy a fantastic sports and cultural event at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds!

Maijooks 2024  Tallinna Lauluväljakul
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