Estonian Food Fair

Estonian Food Fair is an event for the whole family. Among other things, a large playground and a pet food area will be arranged in the fair grounds. Total number exhibitors in the Estonian Food Fair will be up to 500 and the expected number of visitors over two days is up to 100 000.

Entrance is free for everybody!

Being the biggest culinary attraction in the country, the Estonian Food Fair is an event of interest to both us, as well as our foreign guests. This is a great opportunity to show the world all the good and the better Estonia can produce and process in our food sector.

Performances by:

Birgit, Laura, Hellad Velled, Marek Sadam, Helin-Mari Arder, Sergei Maasin, Tsirkus Folie, JJ-Street, Tantsugeen jpt.

Additional information:

  • Opening hours: 11.00-20.00
  • Lisainfo
  • Promoter: Eesti messid OÜ, www.toidumess.ee

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