Usually you can park at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds for free but during major events you can buy 24h parking card for 3€!

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds has 2 parking areas:

The Hill parking area

  • Consists of 2 asphalt areas
  • In case of lack of space, parking is also allowed at the grass area
  • Max capacity is 289 cars.
  • Look at the map



The Sea parking area

  • Is located at the Sea gate at Pirita Street
  • Max capacity is 95 cars
  • Look at the map




  • Parking areas are used according to the rules of the event organizer
  • During public events, our staff is controlling the traffic in the parking areas
  • During public events, parking card must be purchased from our staff which will allow you to park for 24h
    • The card becomes invalid after leaving the parking lot
    • The parking card costs 3€.



The head marketing manager of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

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