One of the most interesting structures of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is the 42 metre high Lighthouse which was built together with the new stage in 1960.

It is a tradition that the opening of the Song Festival is marked by ceremonial ignition of fire at the top of the Lighthouse and the end by extinguishing the fire. During the years, an enormous number of Estonians have applauded to the fire carrier and their company every time they reach to a higher floor of the Lighthouse. As the Lighthouse is quite high and taking the fire to the top is a complicated procedure, the Estonian Male Choirs Association chooses a person with necessary skills and suitable physical shape to fulfil the task. The chosen person is responsible for carrying, igniting and extinguishing the fire.

At other times, the Lighthouse is open for guests who want to go to the top, enjoy the view and experience the emotions that every fire carrier has felt. You can see the silhouette of the Old Town and the Viimsi peninsula from the top. On a clear day you can even spot the Naissaar Island.

The lighthouse is open on workdays at 8.00 – 16.00 or on other times when previously agreed. Go to the office of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds or call 6 112 102. Since spring 2009, a photo exhibition about Song Festivals is open in the Lighthouse.

Come to see the Lighthouse and experience one of the beloved traditions of Estonian Song Festivals.

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