Tallinn Song Festival Grounds has 2 car parks open every day:
Mäe parkla
Mere  parkla
which are located at the same gates.

Parking in the parking lots of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is PAID!
Find parking lots: here

Parking is organized by Europark.
Please follow the signs regulating the parking procedure when entering the car parks of the Song Festival Grounds.
Fees: 1h - 1 €
Day - 5 €
M-parking zone: MAE (or according to the parking lot)
To start parking, send a message to 1902 with the content (for example) MAE space vehicle reg. number (example: MAE 123 ABC)
To finish parking, call 1903
Charge calculation every 60 minutes
Parking is PROHIBITED at the Oru Gate (operational gate) of the Song Festival Grounds!
Event parking may change according to the organizer's rules. Please follow the information accompanying the events.