Around the World

“Around the World” is a team game where your team needs wisdom to be successful. It is like a board game except it happens in the real world. Think of yourself as a piece on a giant game board.

Game in short

  • The best game for the technically inclined
  • Lot of new facts
  • Some movement
  • Developing a good strategy plays an important role
  • Best team size is 3-5 persons.
  • Available group size from 10 to 200 persons


The concept of the game is simple. Your team starts from a Starting Square and needs to reach the finish step-by-step. You are taken forward not by the toss of a dice, but by your knowledge. On every square, a question is asked from you. The right answer takes you forward, while the wrong answer takes you backwards.

There are shortcuts in the game. Answering right is not always the best strategy. You might find that the shortest route is to answer wrong sometimes. However – finding the wrong answer might be as challenging as finding the right one.

It is common that during the game your team redefines its strategy.


Every square is in a different place. So in order to get and answer questions, the team needs to move. Usually teams travel 2-3 km during the game.


The team who reaches the finish with the least amount of steps wins.
Game time is limited to 1,5 hours. After that all teams are directed to the finishing square.

  • You can play anywhere outside
  • The most suitable surroundings for this game are small towns and holiday houses.
  • The game is designed in such a way, that it can even be played in very small spaces.
  • No writing is involved in the game.
  • Darkness and rain do not interfere with the game.


  • The price for 10 people is 284 €
  • Each additional person costs 14 €
  • Group prices are valid for groups of more than 35
    • 36-50 persons 638 €
    • 51-70 persons 766 €
    • 71-100 persons 894 €
    • 101–150 persons 1021 €
    • 151-200 persons 1149 €

Price include VAT 20%.

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