On the 11th of June the German industrial rock titans Rammstain will perform at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.


After hugely successful shows worldwide in 2016, including headliner shows at the Maximus Music Festival in Buenos Aires, the Chicago Open Air festival and the Maxidrom Festival in Moscow, Rammstein will continue their streak of highly acclaimed concerts by undertaking the world’s stages again in 2017.

If Rammstein’s music is the perfect soundtrack for building large monuments in the desert, then somewhere in the wilder world stands an imposing edifice some 22 years in the making – the length of time the six East Berliners have been collectively mining the Rammstein seam…

In the course of these two decades, the band has risen to the apex of the great rock pyramid, achieving album and DVD sales in the millions, headlining major festivals and bigger venues around the world (including New York’s Madison Square Garden, a show that sold out its 18,200 tickets in under 30 minutes!), and establishing themselves as peerless master showmen with an approach to their art – and ‘art’ is the word – that is dramatic, epic in scale and capable of touching all of the senses; a dark and spectacular fairy-tale laced with controversy, don’t- try-this-at-home theatrics, plus the all-consuming aroma of benzine.
Along the way, the musicians have continued to hone their craft, growing in confidence and skill. It’s a process that has added genuine weight to the band’s persona, which now stands as one of the most potent in the entertainment world…


  • Tickets: 49-249€
  • Gates open: 16.00
  • Limited capacity wheelchair tribune is available
  • Promoter: Live Nation Estonia, fbi@bdg.ee, +372 6155100

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